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Lorne Alexander Julien

Lorne Alexander Julien is a proud Mi’kmaq artist and member of Millbrook First Nation, Nova Scotia. He specializes in contemporary Indigenous acrylic paintings and murals. Although known primarily as a painter, he has diversified to other mediums such as stained glass and photography. His Mi’kmaw name is “Warrior on the Hill”  (Sma'knis) which was given to him in his youth when he learned about the spiritual way of his people

He is a self-taught artist, beginning as a young child. He specializes in rich vibrant colours and believes simplicity is beautiful. Lorne wants to share his artwork, lifting people’s spirits, with ideas taken from his visions and dreams.

Lorne creates murals in schools, institutions and public spaces in an effort to create safe spaces that are inclusive, respectful and honour Canada’s Indigenous People. He believes that incorporating Indigenous art in public spaces is a simple act of reconciliation and moving forward in a spirit of mutual respect and understanding. 
His artwork is a form of prayer, it provides healing for himself and he would like to bring healing to the world. His intention is to inspire hope and balance within the universe. 

On Canvas


Calendars published by Canadian Art Prints and Winn Devon Art Group Inc.

Stained Glass

Limited Edition Prints

Signed unmounted archival quality prints in various sizes.

Price: $45-$65

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